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Swedish Massage

For those who simply wish to relax and rejuvenate, we offer Swedish massage. The major benefits of Swedish massage are stress reduction and relaxation, increased circulation, and increased flexibility. A session generally lasts one hour.

Therapeutic Massage

For those aches and pains that come from sore and overworked muscles and joints, we use trigger point therapy to help eliminate this pain for you.


What’s the Difference?

The biggest difference between therapeutic massage and Swedish massage is the element of therapy. Muscles with trigger points (mini muscle spasms) can create pain and soreness. We use specific therapeutic techniques to release these trigger points to help allow your body to return to homeostasis or balance.
Unlike Swedish massage, therapeutic massage can be slightly uncomfortable at times due to the muscle spasms being worked out by the therapist.
Most clients refer to this experience as the “it hurts so good feeling.” Generally clients will not feel this level of discomfort when a Swedish massage is performed.


Some Things to Keep in Mind

While massage therapy is beneficial to most people, there are some conditions in which massage may be contraindicated.  Be sure to let your therapist know about your health history and always check with your doctor to ensure massage is safe for you if you have any question as to whether you should have a treatment.  

You should understand that massage, whether it is therapeutic or for general relaxation, is for stress relief and relief of muscular tension. If any discomfort is felt, it is important to inform the practitioner so that the pressure from the massage strokes can be adjusted to your comfort level, even during therapeutic massage.

It is also necessary to understand that there are several normal responses to relaxation during massage that you need not be embarrassed about or respond to. Such responses can be movement or release of intestinal gas, crying, laughing, strong emotions, sighing, groaning, yawing, cognitive or felt memories, stomach gurgling, and or need to change position. Some people also find it comforting to talk during massage while others enjoy solitude in their thoughts.

At any time during your session, please let the practitioner know if there is anything he or she can do to help you feel more comfortable.

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