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Reflexology is a technique in which a therapist works with certain reflex points on the body in order to promote health throughout the body. These reflex points contain many nerve endings and access to meridian pathways (which deal with energy flow throughout the body).


When these reflex points are skillfully stimulated by pressure, rotation, kneading, and rubbing, the entire nerve and meridian pathway connected to the area gets stimulated.  Therefore, the contents of the body lying within those pathways receive the stimulation.  This promotes health and brings about a sense of deep relaxation throughout the entire body.


Some parts of the body that contain many reflex points are the feet, ears, scalp, belly button, and hands.  At Heiwa Center, we offer specific reflexology treatments using the feet.  It is important to note that some discomfort may be felt when certain points on the feet are worked.  This is an indication that the pathway connected to that reflex point is in need of stimulation.  As those pathways begin to heal through stimulation (usually over a few sessions), the discomfort in the reflex points will diminish.  It is also common to feel sensations throughout other parts of the body while receiving a reflexology treatment.  Below is an example of a reflexology foot chart and the corresponding parts of the body affected by each reflex point:  



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