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Reiki is a Japanese art that is based on the premise that we are made up of Universal Life  Energy that flows through all living things.

Reiki is a very gentle touch. The practitioner uses his or her hands in different unobtrusive, therapeutic positions on or over the body. The practitioner has received attunements that allow for the flow of Universal Life Energy to move through them and his/her hands to the recipient.  This helps eliminate negativity, energy blocks, and stress. Those receiving Reiki sometimes feel warmth or tingling from a practitioner’s hands.

Anyone can benefit from Reiki. This includes those with illnesses, the elderly, children, and even those considered to be in good health. After a Reiki session many people feel a sense of relaxation and overall “good feeling”.

Reiki is not religious.  People from many different backgrounds and religions practice and receive Reiki.  It is a technique used to address the energy of the body.  Some have felt that giving or receiving Reiki was a spiritual experience for them, although that does not mean that everyone does. Each experience is unique, since the energy received is utilized where it is needed most. 


Interested in becoming a Reiki practitioner?

We have classes available so you can learn to share the gift of positive energy with others.

There are 3 levels a Reiki practitioner can obtain:

Reiki I Practitioner – After completing this course a person can administer Reiki to others in a one-on-one setting.

Reiki II Practitioner – After completing this course a person can administer Reiki to others in a one-on-one setting as well as send Reiki over distances.
Prerequisite: Reiki I Practitioner

Reiki Master – After completing this course a person can administer one-on-one and distance Reiki. He or she can also teach Reiki to others and attune them.
Prerequisite: Reiki I & Reiki II Practitioner

A schedule of all courses and course cost is available upon request.

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